ExamsDetails of our dance exam sessions.

100% exam pass rate

Protègèm follows the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) exam syllabus, the largest organisation in the world.

We are proud to retain our high standards. For exam details and exam day procedures, please read below. If you have recieved your next exam letter and have any queries please either phone or email before the exams.

Exam Day Rules and Procedure

  • Hair should be secured neatly off the face in a bun or plait with either a purple/black band/scrunchie.

    For ballet exams, hair should be secured in a bun at the nape of the neck with pins and a net (no scrunchie) along with a pink headband or a black hairband if you wear a black leotard. Short hair must also be secured off the face.
  • There will be helpers in the waiting room but where possible please arrive with hair ready and leotard and tights under normal clothes.



  • Please be patient as examiners can often go over time, or run the exam session extremely quickly!
  • Please be quiet and courteous in the waiting area.
  • No jewellery, nail varnish, extreme makeup or body tattoos are allowed

Read our FAQ's section for other common questions


Perfect, clean presentation is very important in complimenting the hard work your dancer has been putting into accomplishing the technique required for their exam. Below lists the uniform required, which we stock and sell.

  1. Ballet

    • Purple leotard with attached voile skirt
    • Voile skirt
    • Pink ballet tights Or ballet socks
    • Pink ballet shoes with elastics
    • Purple hair band
  2. Ballet, From Grade 1

    • Black strappy Leotard (nude bra)
    • Pink ballet tights
    • Pink ballet Shoes with elastics or ribbons
    • Black ballet skirt (for medal exams not Grades)
    • Black hair band
  3. Tap

    • Younger pupils - Purple leotard with attached voile skirt
    • Older pupils - Black leotard with black leggings or tights
    • Black socks
    • Black tap shoes
    • Black/purple scrunchie
  4. Street

    • Black leggings or Protègèm joggers
    • Protègèm t shirt
    • Black socks
    • Black pumps or trainers
    • Black/purple scrunchie
  5. Musical Theatre Class

    • Black leggings
    • Protègèm t shirt
    • Black socks
    • Black pumps or trainers
    • Tidy hair
  6. Theatre Craft

    • Leotard
    • Black leggings
    • Ballet shoes
    • Juniors purple leotard/skirt


Protègèm Dance Company's first two auditions were held in October and November 2003. This prepared the Company for creating repertoire for forthcoming events.

Protègèm Dance Company audition periodically and advertise in the local press and local schools.

If you are interested in auditioning for Protègèm Dance Company please email or phone Gemma (see 'contact' page). Your details will be added to the auditions list and you will be contacted when the next auditions are arranged.

At the Audition

You will be required to follow a warm up, and then learn two short dance phrases, one in a street style, and the other in a contemporary style. Finally you will be asked to improvise to a piece of music. The audition has been designed to assess many aspects of each individual, approach, interaction, style, focus, imagination, creativity etc. You do not have to dance on your own!

You are not required to have had any previous training. You are required to have dedication, drive, enthusiasm, to be punctual and respectful and also a love of dance and music.

If successful, as a member of the company you will not only develop your technique and performance skills, but your training will be more focused due to the enthusiasm that will be generated between each member and strive to reach performance goals. At times the Company are asked to perform at events with very short notice and this is why Company dancers must be able to pick up routines quickly, keep practicing all the time and support each other.

Please come in suitable, comfortable clothing that are unrestricting and which you feel confident in. Hair should be tied back and jewellery should be kept to a minimum. The audition will cost £5 and last about 1 & half hours. For further information, questions or queries please see contact.

Youth Dance Auditions

Our next audition is planned for sumer term 2021. Follow us on to keep up to date.

£5 per entry

Contact us

Frequently Asked Exam Questions

Can I bring family or friends?
Exam sessions can get very busy and crowded, therefore we ask you kindly not to bring siblings or friends along to the event.
When will I get my results?
Results usually take 2/3 weeks
When will I recieve my certificates?
Certificates and medals will be released at the next exam presentation
Should I bring a snack for my dancer?
A drink and snack is a good idea, espcially if there is a bit of a wait, but please avoid things that stain (chocolate, ribena).
How much should my dancer be practicing at home?
This depends on the age and level, but generally going over their required routines and dances a few times a week and remembering to smile!.